Tuesday, September 16, 2008

KC Jubilee

It was a lot of fun... the Big Bear has left my living room. She and her cub were auctioned off to benefit Good Bears of the World . They brought a tidy sum...I think the winner was set on having her!
The banquet was great.... food was good, the cheesecake desert bar was fantabulous and seeing people that I hadn't seen since last year was the best part.
The show/sale was good.... John Lamb, the teddy bear mystery writer, bought Pepper. Wild West Charlie won a third place ribbon in the competition! But the pumpkins stole the show... they started leaving during set up and it didn't stop till they were all gone!
We will be off to Tennessee for a family reunion on the 20th but back in time for a small doll and bear show in Omaha, NE. on Sunday the 28th!

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