Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bright Star Atlanta show

We just finished the Atlanta show today... we had a good time. The advance tickets preshow was interesting ( even if I did give a little talk on needle felting myself!). We had a short magic show, a talk on fur bears and real furs, my needle felting talk and an interview with an artist from New Zealand. The attendees had a snack of coffee, iced tea, fruits, cheeses and luscious patries... and then they were off to look at the bears. When I get home I will set up another "slide" show so everyone can see who was there.
I visited with bear artists that I only get to see at shows and with the Atlanta collector crowd. IT WAS NICE TO CATCH UP WITH EVERYONE!
We head to Tennessee tomorrow and the TVPark/Trout farm for some family visiting. I doubt that the pool will be warm enough yet for swimming but I am determined to hike down to the bott0m to "see what's there"! My brother-in-law's place drops 300' in elevation and I 've never been down to the lowest part.

Oh yes, a bunch of bears will be staying here in Atlanta!

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