Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"While Mr. MacGregor was off chasing Peter, his cousin Bennie Bunny decided to help himself to the wheel barrow filled with veggies!
Bennie ( 6 inches tall) was made from dense distressed mohair with micro suede paw pads, black German glass eyes and a two color Perle cotton nose. Bennie is stuffed with premium polyester fiberfill and glass beads for weight. He has cotter pin joints and an alpaca tail.
Mr. MacGregor's metal wheelbarrow is a vintage one and it currently holds carrots, broccoli, cabbage and a ripe tomato ( all made from polymer resin)!".....isn't it amusing what stories we can concoct for our bears and friends?
I found this neat vintage metal wheel barrow and knew it just had to have a bunny with it... but everyone does "Peter Rabbit" So this little bunny became Peter's cousin. Bennie Bunny will be going with me to the Bright Star St. Louis Show this Sunday.

Speaking of St. Louis... I have most of my hand outs ready . I will be "talking" about needle felting during the pre-show collector period. I also have a partially made mouse that I will work on. I have about 10 minutes to fill...

I'm also working on a LARGE bear made from a vintage mohair lap rug with the wildest pattern! He will be done before the show! And I have a couple of others in the works..... Hopefully I will see some readers at the show!

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