Monday, February 11, 2008

writing an article

I have been working on a "Nip and Tuck" bear. I have never done a makeover where ,once I started, there was no return. When I cut the old muzzle off I was reminded of the first time I cut into a yard of mohair... a feeling of dread! But there was a part of the process that was fun. Since I was writing an article about the makeover, I had to stop to take pictures along the way. Pictures that showed the steps and a combined "before and after" shot.
I ended up with 14 photos and a two page article before the proofreader ( my husband) took a look. He tweaked it and eliminated two photographs ; then I checked it over again. When I was happy with it, we figured out how to turn the whole thing into a zip file. But the file just was too big and he divided into three files ... and away they went.
Now the waiting begins. I'm not going to post anything until the article is actually published! But I am really happy with my new/old bear!

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