Thursday, January 10, 2008


Here I an trying to decide what to take or what not to take on our jaunt to Florida next week. We've never been down this early in the season... so what will the weather be like. Its got to be better that Kansas City! But if its cold... I'll need stuff to work on. If its warm... I won't. I guess I'd better go prepared.
I found a new supplier of roving. She lives not to far away in Kansas. I found her on My first batch of roving arrived on Tuesday. So I got out my dye pot ( actually its a stock pot) and have produced black and various shades of orange and brown. Not as weird as one might think since I have orders for cat ornaments . The customer has cats of "many colors" and that's my goal. I want to do some shades of tan and cream, too. I have gray and white... so I should be all set. I bought some flesh colored roving on eBay... which should make great noses. I am going to try stripes and spots.
I've also cut out some little bears to hand sew..

There is going to be a full moon the Tuesday we are at Sanibel Island! I have plans for a walk on the beach that night....

The laptop is coming along so we won't be "out of touch"!

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