Saturday, July 31, 2021

too hot

After a cool day or so, it was a hot week.... Bob has spent his time on the X-box or playing Suduko. No lawn mowing for him!!

I spent my time sewing bears and friends for the upcoming shows...

Of course after taking pity on the deck plants and watering them yesterday... it poured for a short bit!! Bob said that it was a good thing we didn't wash the car... who knows what would have happened then!

Starting today, it is supposed to be cooler for the next week. We'll see.

Going out for brunch with the girls tomorrow.  We'll  be wearing masks until the food and drinks arrive!

We bought our elder daughter a hall tree from Wayfair for her birthday. The FedEx guy brought it to our front door and we managed to get it in the house until we could take it to her house. Since she works we didn't want it left at her house.

We are going to load the box which weighs 65 lbs into her SUV  after our brunch . Going to be interesting getting it down our front steps !!  LOL  Then  we will follow her home and unloaded it and wrestle it into her house.

Our final resort to all this will be to unpack the box and manage the pieces....

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