Monday, July 26, 2021

Not as hot as forecast

 It has been hot and muggy... but not as hot as forecast.... mostly low 90's. But bad enough not to want to go outside and "do" anything.

I did water and we did have a quick rain shower....

My daughter gave me a pepper plant on Mother's Day. We have no idea what type but the pepper is LOOONG and yellow. I gave it a try but it doesn't seem ready to be picked. The plant sits on the deck railing and looked a little limp so I watered it.... now waiting.

When I went out to take a picture I noticed "someone" had taken a bite... so I picked it !! Will it be hot or sweet?

Still not seeing many people masked up again at the grocery store... But I am. It looks like there will some mask mandates again from our local county and KC governments.  I am hoping that the many school districts will come up with a plan regarding masks etc when in school learning starts again next month.My daughter teaches Elementary gifted students ... too young to be vaccinated. My 15 year old grandson will be back in high school and his age bracket has been able to be vaccinated and we are hoping that parents did vaccinate them!!

BTW my grandson spent all last year learning online.... except for band, His Dad took him to school for that one class and brought him home. Things went ok but even my grandson admits to not being as organized etc as he should have been and had to go to summer school for Geometry ( he aced it then). He definitely wants to be back in physical classes... wants to be with his classmates etc. Fingers crossed that his school district gets things organized.

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Joanne Noragon said...

I hope the pepper meets expectations.