Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas goodies.

Since the Bright Star Bear Blitz show closed I have been working on Christmas goodies to mail off to my husband's siblings... I have made Scotch shortbread, cut out cookies, home made "Chex mix" and ginger cookies. My grandson made a large batch of chocolate chip cookies to add to my things.
This was his first time using parchment paper and the first batch of cookies slid off the cookies sheets into the bottom of the oven. We rescued them and made them ones to nibble! BTW... he's 12... and this will never happen to him again. My whole family loves that he loves to cook!

I will be baking more things  after the siblings' packages get mailed... I want to have several more types to put out when family drops by and on Christmas Day. My elder daughter loves Russian Teacakes or Mexican Wedding Bells - same cookie, different name - so will definitely be making those!

I've also made a batch of candied orange peel and a batch of dry sherry walnuts tomorrow ... I've found a recipe ( slightly different) for cream sherry nuts. Maybe I'll use pecans for these...

Christmas baking and candy making is always fun and I like making "stuff" especially for my brothers-in-law since they don't usually make things for themselves.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

First Prize

My grand daughter Lili ( Lilith actually) won 1st place in her High School's Reflections contest for her story !!
Her Mother ( my daughter) sent me a cell phone picture.  Isn't Lili excited and delighted?? DH and the rest of the family are so proud of her!!

BTW she loves to play with dying her hair... she's actually a ginger/red head ! This time she used navy blue and it is fading!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Giving Tuesday

If one goes to Facebook one will see many many Giving Tuesday fundraisers !! My elder daughter is a director for a Kansas City non-profit ( Phoenix Family) and has set-up a fundraiser in her brother's name...


#BuildABridge is its name.

Robb believed in what Phoenix Family was doing and was always ready to help his sister in whatever he could do... from food from Quik Trip's kitchen to sponsoring Phoenix Family's events.

If you have been reading this blog, you know Robb was killed last February being a "good Samaritan"....  His passing left a big hole...

The fundraiser was a big success! The goal was exceeded ....Robb would have been pleased!! I will be watching to see how the money is used.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

wreath and "blizzard"

Saturday my DH and DD abd I took a class at the local nursery on wreath making. I've always preferred real evergreens but unless I want to stand on the side of the town roads here and trim the city's trees, I can't get any to use. So class it was ...
I hung mine on the front door just hours before our well publicized blizzard hit. I guess the roads are awful and even the interstates have been closed. My daughter's and her kids schools are closed tomorrow and the lists of closings on the television are long.  But we are " stay at homes " when the weather is bad and we enjoyed a quiet afternoon watching the snow fall and listening to the wind. We ended up with about 5 inches of small flake snow...

The tv weatherman says we are going to have another storm next weekend... so mid-week I'll do a grocery store run for milk etc.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all ! 

Stole this from MacQue blog ...  I think my DH and I are all set for everyone to arrive this afternoon! I went to the grocery store for the "I forgots" and he blew all the leaves from the deck and put out the chair cushions. It is supposed to reach 60 F this afternoon and the smokers will enjoy being able to sit outside.
My daughters and their families decided to take the cooking burden off  my shoulders this year. All I had to do was pre-dinner cheese and crackers and veggies and the stuffing in the slow cooker . Thanksgiving dinner will be somewhat of a surprise!!  Feels strange...

The next question is whether to go with my DD and grand daughter Black Friday shopping which now starts here as early as  2pm today.  If I went to that store I'd miss the turkey dinner and all the visiting... so guess not!  But maybe much much later places??

Saturday my DH and DD and I are headed to a local nursery to make fresh evergreen wreaths. We are really looking forward to that!
Sunday DH and I are heading out to a train show/sale. My DH is a train collector.  Maybe I can sneak a purchase or two for his Christmas present??

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fun busy morning

My younger daughter arrived while I was still in my pj's wanting to go to JoAnn's ( fabric store) to buy fabric for a lovely loose top for herself and another for my granddaughter. I know I will become the teacher again... but we will have fun making them. She found a dark burgundy knit for herself and a darker emerald green for my grand daughter.
We went next door to Dollar Tree ( everything is $1.00 and I mean everything) where we bought "lovely" Christmas socks to put our "stitch and bitch" Christmas gift exchange things in... Some of the little things I am going to put in my socks are Christmas pencils and erasers, Christmas candy canes, chocolate and a handmade Christmas tree  ornament. I will then tie a filled pair of socks together with a bow... This the first time my group has done this... another member and I saw the idea on facebook.

On our way home we stopped at Starbucks for Chai Lattes... after chatting awhile, she had to leave. She is using her time off from teaching this week to edit a grad student's papers. She says the student's work is improving... my daughter makes sure she comments on where changes in content and grammar need to be made.

Then it was off for a haircut and a grocery shop... think there are still things I need for Thanksgiving. Even with a list...I miss some things!

Monday, November 12, 2018

new rug

Bob and I managed to empty out the master bedroom and its closets... putting everything wherever we could find space!!  LOL  But when we got up this morning it had snowed a bit and was still snow/raining. We were sure the installers couldn't cut the new rug and padding on the wet driveway and they would put things off!!
But no... they would be here at 8.15 ! And they were. Jack ( the gray/black/dtiped cat) has not shown a single whisker this morning. Tigger ( the orange tripper cat) would dash out the front door if I didn't close him up in our computer room. Tigger is fascinated by the noise and hurrah the installers are creating as they take up the old carpeting and bring the new stuff in !
( BTW the old carpeting is 40 plus years old)

Our installers brought their stuff in a small school bus!

To be cont'd...

Here's their little school bus and one laying the rug!! They did a nice job ... quick.... tidy... and professional!! And did it even with the lousy weather. We ended up with 2 - 3 inches of soft fluffy stuff.