Saturday, February 16, 2019

Yesterday's snow... more to come??

Here's yesterday's snow and the plow cleaning our circle (cul de sac) this morning.  Bob was out shoveling ,but out of sight . until his ancient boots bit the dust !
The weather report says more snow tonight....

I'm glad I stocked up at the grocery store last week !!

Looks like I will be spending time sewing bears and bear friends... or maybe I should knit??

Friday, February 15, 2019

Snow... no school ... and whatever

Yesterday all the weather people started moaning and groaning that another snow storm was due to arrive Friday morning ( today).  Checked the school closings before I went to bed and found the grandkids school was closed but not my daughter's...
Early this morning things were fine ... went out for the papers and made coffee.  But it has started snowing. A friend on Facebook who made a grocery store run said is was slippery than s**t.  My daughter's school district is still open.
We have about 1/2 inch so far ( whee).
Tigger must have some inner cat knowledge about the weather because he has spent every minute on my chest while I am in the recliner.... and really really likes it when I cover him with Robb's afghan blanket.

I'll take pictures later...

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Dinner out and today's tasks

Our anniversary dinner out was a winner from the start. We found the restaurant... a parking spot and I didn't fall on the ice! And that was just the start. Blue Stem has a multiple course set dinner. We chose three : appetizer/salad, entree and dessert. Bob and I chose different things so we go to try each other's. We chose a salad, parsnip and green apple soup, beef and scallops, roasted bananas with a coffee shell, and orange and passion fruit with ice cream. Little tempting goodies came too and the French press coffee was great!!
Nice way to celebrate our 53rd!!

Today is warm but the forecast doesn't sound very good. More snow Friday and COLD COLD all next week . So I went off to the grocery store to restock. That's not Bob's favorite chore so he stayed home and did laundry ! Nice freshly made bed and folded clothes when I returned!!

Back out again this afternoon after receiving a phone call from the pharmacy saying my shingles vaccination had arrived. $47 co-pay and a second shot  and second co-pay in 3 to 6 months. I remember having chicken pox and that my grandmother caught it from me and was really really ill. So I decided a shingles vaccination was the right thing to do... as did my doctor.

Our driveway's ice has thawed... bet it will be frozen again by Friday!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Where's Jack this time?

Where's Jack this time???

Monday, February 11, 2019

Nearly fell

Yesterday Bob and I decided it was time to get out of the house. We had been housebound for three days... we had stocked up on supplies and really had no need. But after three days... we were ready. So off to an antique show we went.
The show was good...saw a friend who came down all the way from Des Moines, Iowa ( over three hours by car).  But the show didn't really have anything that interested Bob.  We trudged back to the car to go home... our spot wasn't close by with lots of people at the show and the parking lot was icey.  Getting myself into the car I felt my feet slipping out from underneath me.!  I had visions of falling and breaking something again !!  But luckily Bob put his feet in front of mine and stopped my slide!!
Until the ice is gone I am not going anywhere by myself !! I do feel OLD taking Bob's arm across our icey driveway to the stairs!

Well that was Saturday.... Sunday we made things ready for a family dinner. My elder daughter provided most of it. I added things that were supposed to be the refreshments for the cancelled quilting meeting.
It was good to see everyone and we all managed to "get over" the anniversary of Robb's death.

Today Bob and I went to church and lit candles for Robb... that wasn't easy. We lit the highest ones we could find since Robb had been 6'5" tall and some big ones too. Guess I must have made noise because someone had a packet of tissues for me as we were leaving.

Tomorrow is our 53rd wedding anniversary. We have dinner reservations at a restaurant called "Blue Stem" in a part of Kansas City called Westport. Westport used to be a small town on its own before it became part of KC and there was even a Civil War Battle there.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

coating with ice

Our lovely spring-like weather of the past weekend has gone.... yesterday the temps dropped and a day-long misty rain froze. Its still COLD and the misty rain is back . So the ice coating and ice on the roads will increase. (The bigger highway roads have been treated and aren't too bad... my husband had errands and this was his "report".)

I went on a "search" - google and etsy - for someone who used to make dresses for my bears from vintage hankies. I found her so  have to choose which hankies I want to sent to her. Her dresses are very well made. All finished inside and wonderfully smocked! Yay Nancy!!

I found a free pattern for a garter stitch I decided to give it a try for a bear. Now I have to decide how big!! The pattern has a neat cast-off which I will try when the shawl is "big enough".  Maybe it won't be for a bear but for a friend...

Started this yesterday... The ice is a little thicker. the roads not as good. The news showed a flipped school bus and a truck used to salt/snd the roads . No one was seriously hurt in either incident.
Most schools are closed today and other stores etc. are open late or closed.
We had thunder in the middle of the night and there is about a 1/2 inch of snow on top of the ice.

The groundhog said early spring... not sure I believe him at all!!
Not going anywhere....!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

where's Jack??

Bob and I realized ( middle of the morning) that we hadn't seen Jack since we got up. Both of us hunted all over the house - garage, attic, closets, behind the floor length curtains - and so on. No Jack. We even wondered whether he had gotten out when I went for the paper at the end of the driveway. Jack has never tried to go out... but we worried anyway!
Then Bob had an idea and got out the container of cat treats. Rattling it , Jack came running. From where... we have no idea, other than upstairs since he flew down the stairs!!
Treats were tossed for both. They love chasing the little things across the kitchen floor !